Liz brings experience to the job of Attorney General that is both deep and wide. As Solicitor General, she repeatedly partners with district attorneys and local law enforcement to hold criminals accountable, stands up for individual liberty, pushes back against Joe Biden’s unconstitutional overreach, defends our state’s sovereignty, safeguards Louisiana’s conservative values, and keeps our families safe. Liz stands apart from every other candidate because she has a proven track record of protecting Louisiana and is a leader on every major issue. 

The other candidates can only talk about what they hope to do if elected. Liz Murrill has been fighting for Louisiana every day for years, and she will continue to do so when selected as Louisiana’s next Attorney General.

Fighting Crime

Liz has assisted District Attorneys across Louisiana in over 200 criminal appeals, ensuring that convicted criminals are held accountable. As Attorney General, she will prioritize expansion of the AG’s cybercrime unit that investigates online child pornography and will protect those who are vulnerable to predators and exploitation.

  • Liz led the fight to make sure a dangerous pedophile, convicted of murdering a six-year-old boy, was not released from prison.
  • Liz argued successfully at the United States Supreme Court to block a new trial for a convicted rapist who had previously confessed to his crime.
  • Liz successfully blocked a new trial for a convicted felon who confessed and was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a young woman.

Fighting Federal Overreach

Liz is currently leading some of the most important legal fights in the country.  She will never stop defending Louisiana’s sovereign rights and has repeatedly demonstrated she has both the will and experience to fight federal overreach.

  • Liz spearheaded the fight against the Biden Administration’s misguided attacks on the oil and gas industry and blocked a ban on oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters.
  • Liz successfully blocked the forced masking of toddlers and invasive vaccine mandates, including one for federal contractors that threatened billions of dollars in contracts with the federal government.
  • Liz is leading efforts to resist the Biden Administration’s dangerous open-border policy and its impact on Louisiana.
  • Liz fought for women’s rights by resisting efforts to change the meaning of the term “sex.”

Supporting Law Enforcement

Liz supports those who serve in law enforcement and the military – brave and selfless individuals who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. In the courts, she defends the police, who are often called on to make split-second decisions in unpredictable situations. As Attorney General, Liz will work with sheriffs and local law enforcement to support them and protect the public.

First Amendment Rights

The First Amendment protects our rights to speak, assemble, travel, and pray. As Solicitor General, Liz has a demonstrated track record of protecting individual liberties guaranteed by the First Amendment.

  • Liz helped fight against the unconstitutional prosecution of a pastor who was arrested for having worship services in violation of the Governor’s COVID executive orders.
  • Liz fought for a child who was nearly expelled merely because a BB gun in his bedroom was visible in the background during a Zoom class.
  • Liz led multi-state support for a high school cheerleader who was targeted for posting her feelings about cheerleading tryouts on Snapchat.
  • Liz is leading a lawsuit that has revealed a widespread effort by federal agencies to pressure Big Tech platforms into suppressing protected speech.

Second Amendment Rights

Liz believes the Second Amendment right to bear arms is a fundamental freedom that must be vigorously defended.  She led multi-state efforts supporting plaintiffs who attacked the overly restrictive firearm laws in New York and Hawaii.  Liz has a concealed-carry permit, regularly practices shooting and safe handling of her firearm, and believes people have a right to defend themselves with lethal force if necessary.

Defending the Unborn

Liz has been a stalwart advocate for the unborn. She defended Louisiana’s admitting privileges law all the way up through the United States Supreme Court, paving the way to reverse Roe v. Wade just two years later.  Her efforts defending Louisiana’s pro-life laws earned her the 2022 Leadership for Life Award from Louisiana Right to Life, and she has been recognized by Louisiana Family Forum for her leadership on this important issue.

  • Pre-Dobbs, she led multi-state efforts in support of laws prohibiting dismemberment abortions, outlawing abortions of babies with disabilities like Down Syndrome, outlawing the sale of fetal body parts for research, and requiring dignified burial or cremation of fetal remains.
  • Post-Dobbs, she is successfully defending Louisiana’s trigger laws prohibiting abortion on demand.

Preventing Violence Against Women and Children

Domestic abuse can put women at grave risk of harm and death from an abuser.  Children who grow up in abusive homes are at high risk themselves and suffer long-term physical and mental consequences from seeing a loved one abused.  In far too many cases in Louisiana, women are murdered trying to escape from an abusive situation.  Liz volunteered at a domestic abuse shelter for women in Baton Rouge for several years, working with children and on the crisis line. When she is Attorney General, she will continue to work to tighten laws that protect women and hold abusers accountable.

Family Values

Liz and John have been married for 30 years and raised four sons in Baton Rouge. Three of their sons have completed college, while their youngest is a student at Louisiana Tech University.  Liz and John are long-time members of University Baptist Church and enjoy family dinners at their large dinner table. Liz’s faith and family have always guided and informed her decisions, and they will continue to do so when she is Attorney General.